The Parent’s & Teacher’s Guide to Helping Struggling Learners

Do you ever wish you could find a useful, eye-opening, made-for-you parent’s guide to helping struggling learners?  If you’re a teacher, maybe you’d love a teacher’s guide, one that covers the information you didn’t receive in your education courses.


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Sure, you could read book after book about learning differences, but I’m not talking about a guide that covers ALL of the possible ways to help ALL struggling learners.


I’m talking about a roadmap that allows YOU to help YOUR learner.  YOUR learner has very unique needs that are different from other kids who have learning differences.


So, how do you discover what those very baffling needs might be?


When the private tutoring has failed, and the special accommodations don’t really help, and you continue to watch your learner’s self-worth plummet because, well, learning becomes more and more difficult over time, what do you do?


I’m guessing that you’re unwilling to stand helplessly by and watch it all happen.  If that’s true, I have a friendly suggestion for you.  Please accept my invitation to watch a free training called Looking at Learning Differences Differently.


This video training is not exactly a parent’s or teacher’s guide in the traditional sense, but your child, your student, is NOT a traditional learner.  That means we need to find not-so-traditional ways to help.


What you learn in 5 short videos:


Lesson 1

Why Traditional Forms of Learning Intervention Fail Students Who Learn Differently

Lesson 2

5 Key Elements of Successful Learning Intervention

Lesson 3

Signs of Learning Difficulty (Specific signs to watch out for, and what those signs mean.)

Lesson 4

Executive Function (What it is and how to optimize EF skills in kids who struggle.)

Lesson 5

One Very Important Secret to Helping Kids Succeed at Learning


I believe that parents, teachers and specialists do a great service to our struggling learners by gaining a better understanding of what is really underneath the struggle.


If the idea of learning intervention feels intimidating, no worries.  This free training is accessible to even the most squeamish of helpers.  Parents, grandparents, and seasoned educators alike are all invited to watch Looking at Learning Differences Differently.  While ideal for grades K-6, the information is just as valuable for all grade levels.


Thank you to everyone who’s open to a different way of teaching and learning.