The Smiley Book of Colors Review

The word was out, and it was unanimous.  (That never happens, right?) The Smiley Book of Colors was fan-freaking-tastic!  Based upon such a simple concept I thought to myself “Really, how impressive could this little book be?”

It was the curious cat in me who answered back, insisting that I buy it anyway just to see what this crazy mountain of praise was all about.

Thank you, curious cat…  I get it now.

We have all played the what-does-that-cloud-look-like game, right?  We have all spotted a smiley face in our mac ’n cheese as kids or, depending on which cartoons we were allowed to watch that day, maybe it was a mean zombie face.


The Smiley Book of Colors by Ruth KaiserThe Smiley Book of Colors by artist/teacher/mom/author Ruth Kaiser takes spotting hidden pictures, or in this case, smiles, to a whole new level.

This simple yet powerful children’s book has everything it needs to find itself in the category of inspiring book finds.  Rhyming text weaves its spirited, inspirational messages throughout the book, teaching children AND reminding adults that happiness is something we choose.

Every delightful page of The Smiley Book of Colors is, you guessed it, a lesson in color.  Young children will love learning their colors in such a unique and joyful way.  The designer in me adores the simple beauty of it.  The educator in me is tickled pink, or perhaps blue, or maybe it’s green.

The happy photographs (yes, I think the photographs are happy, too) are what this book is all about.  Discovering the smiles composed in everyday objects is not simply pure, smile-producing joy for all ages, although that would be enough.  It’s also a great exercise in visual discrimination, very important in the development of strong reading skills.

Can you spy the smile in the middle of a strawberry?  No doubt you’ll be looking at your fruit, and your shoes, and your iced mocha differently ever after.  If that’s not enough to help you fall in love with this little gem like I did, keep reading.  There’s more.

Visit the Spontaneous Smiley Project at and you, too, can become a Smiley Captain.  What’s a Smiley Captain?  Take your own photo of something that looks like it’s smiling at you.  Then upload your photo to the project.  By doing so you generate a $1 donation to Operation Smile which provides free surgeries to children around the world needing a little help with the physical ability to smile.

As far as I can see it, The Smiley Book of Colors is what every child, every adult, and every heart seeking happiness needs in their life.

And hey, wouldn’t you know it.  My keyboard just smiled at me.

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