The Visual Memory Piece of Reading Intervention Goes Digital

When you think of reading intervention activities for kids, I’m guessing visual memory training is probably not the first thing you think of.

Perhaps you believe working with letters is more important for reading intervention than working with, oh, let’s say… colors.

That’s a perfectly reasonable assumption.

Blue background, white text, image of white tablet computer with digital activity on screen, multiple colored squares

Here at Inner Pieces Gallery I talk a lot about the missing pieces to popular intervention strategies for reading and learning.

One of those missing pieces is visual memory, or the ability for us to remember what we see.  Many struggling readers struggle with visual memory.  If we miss it, they continue to struggle.

So, inside one of my free online training videos, I teach parents and educators a multisensory, visual memory technique.  Helping kids remember a sequence of colors is the first stage of a broader visual memory strategy.

My online students discover why this helps their struggling learners strengthen reading and learning abilities.  In order to reach the root of learning difficulties, we target cognitive abilities that live just below the surface of reading and other academics.

Whether you’re a prior student of mine or not, I have some good news…

The hands-on visual memory technique has now gone digital!

Introducing, Visual Memory Color Recall BOOM™ Cards.


What’s a Boom Card?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Boom™ Learning I invite you to visit their platform to learn more.

In short, decks of Boom Cards allow students to engage with educational activities on their tablet or computer.  Some decks, like the Visual Memory Color Recall series I’m sharing with you now, are even interactive.


Oh, the many places these Boom Cards will go!

One of the cool things about interactive, digital activities is that parents and educators can use them in just about any setting, without resistance from the kiddos.  In fact, you may even hear kids ask for more!

Use the Visual Memory Color Recall series for:

  • Distance learning
  • Classroom centers
  • Special education homeschool
  • Teletherapy for:
    • occupational therapy
    • speech therapy
    • educational therapy
    • special education
  • Extra skill-building practice at home

Heck, you can even take these skill-building activities on your next road trip, just for fun!



Help students strengthen visual memory, yes, but also strengthen working memory and executive function skills.

Students must remember a sequence of colors on one digital card, hold onto that information, move to the next card, then place the colored squares in the right order (visual sequential memory).

As you might imagine, this gives their attention muscles a nice workout as well.

Learn everything else you need to know about this digital series when you visit the listing in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), but first let me share one quick teaching tip before you go.


Important Teaching Tip

You’ll discover 9 levels in this series.  The series actually begins with level 2, which means students must remember 2 colors at a time.

The next level up is NOT 3 colors, as you might expect, but “3D.”  The “D” refers to doubles.  In other words, 2 of the 3 colored squares on the card are the same.  “Twinsies,” if you will.

Since blue, red, red, for example, is easier to recall than blue, red, yellow, this helps students advance through the levels with greater ease.

Please make sure children can achieve 100% accuracy before moving to the next level!

Please also progress through the levels in the following order:

2 – 3D – 3 – 4D – 4 – 5D – 5 – 6D – 6

Purchase each level individually OR save big with the bundle of all 9.

Of course, if you’re confident that your student can already recall 4 units of information consistently, no need to start at the beginning.  I do suggest that you start one level lower than you think you need to, however.  In this example, that would be 4D.  Starting at a super simple level helps bolster student confidence before going any deeper.

For all of the remaining details, please visit Visual Memory Color Recall BOOM™ Cards – Complete BUNDLE and scroll a bit to reach the description at the end.

(Prefer to purchase directly from Boom Learning instead of TPT? Right this way.)