Things That Make You Go Yum

Back before I began digital illustration, when I was still searching for my long lost creative outlet, I went through a cake decorating phase.  I even took a class to learn just how the pros make those perfect little butter cream roses.  Yum!  I don’t believe the real pros ate quite as many as I did, though.

That phase is long over, but now I have a full appreciation for the hard work that goes into creating edible masterpieces like these.  I am so inspired!

Kids' Cake Inspiration

By the way, Pinterest is now my new obsession, I mean addiction, I mean JOY!  If you want to join in on the fun check out my Pinterest board called, you guessed it, Things That Make You Go Yum!

And if your child happens to have a birthday coming up maybe you’ll translate all this sugary sweet inspiration into your own masterpiece.  Fair warning: if you happen to be a sugar addict like I was you may want to consider doubling up on the frosting, you know, just in case you are, ehem, forced to eat the “accidental” imperfections.  Just saying.