Valentine’s Day Bookmarks for Kids

Give kids a creative outlet with these printable Valentine’s Day bookmarks.  Hearts filled with intricate modern patterns say “color me!”  Okay, first they say “print me and cut me out,” but you get the idea.


Hearts with intricate modern patterns. Caption reads: Color Me Bookmarks: Valentine's Day


Of course, for children just learning to handle crayons, one color will do.


For older children, the great thing about a coloring challenge is that it can strengthen fine motor development and attention skills all while nurturing creative self expression.


While focusing on the details, children may even find themselves connecting with their creative ‘zone.’


Personally I find focused, creative attention even more calming than meditation.  Perhaps we’ll find some wiggle worms out there who agree with me.


Enjoy coloring these bookmarks for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.  After all, reading and creativity never go out of style.


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