Valentine’s Day Printable Roundup for Kids

Unless you’ve decided to become the big-meanie sugar police on Valentine’s Day you probably expect that your children will, at some point, come crashing down from a sugar high or two, or ten.


How about we provide a little balance with some fun, heart-themed, sugar-free activities that also sneak in a little extra cognitive enrichment?  You know, the kind of learning development that ISN’T happening when our kids are hyped up on candy.


Red and white hearts. Square graphic. Caption reads: Valentine’s Day Printable Printables for Kids, A Fun, Brain Boosting Roundup


I rounded up some Valentine’s Day printables (and more) for you to make them a little easier to find.  Some of these you’ve seen before here at Inner Pieces Gallery.  Plus, at the end of the list I added a few extra bonus activities from some amazing teacher-authors.  Choose your favorite or choose them all.


And look Ma, no cavities!


From The Free Printables Collection

Find the following skill-building Valentine’s Day activities in The Free Printables Collection:

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Sight Word Hearts2 worksheets containing small hearts with sight words written on them. One colored orange, purple, red, one black & white. Caption reads: Free Valentine’s Day Sight Word Activity for kids

Whether you use these pages for independent work or to help strengthen auditory memory, listening skills and working memory, they are a perfect skill-builder for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget to grab the crayons!


Printable Hearts Grid Maze with Secret Message

Worksheet with red and orange border. 8x8 grid of red hearts, upside-down and right-side up, each with a single letter inside.After following the upside down hearts in this grid maze to help strengthen visual tracking skills, your child may reveal a secret Valentine’s theme message.




Printable Seek and Find and Color Me Hearts

Black and white heart-themed seek & find printable. Hearts with stripes, checks, slanted lines and plain.Children search for patterned hearts on this busy page, then color each one the designated color.  It’s a fun way to check if visual figure ground skills or visual discrimination may need some extra practice.



Valentine’s Day Bookmarks for Kids

Hearts with intricate modern patterns. Caption reads: Color Me Bookmarks: Valentine's DayThese heart-themed bookmarks aren’t reserved only for Valentine’s Day.  Print them and let the kids color them anytime you want to share some love.  Of course, the grown-ups are always free to color, too!


Printable Mosaic Valentine as Envelope

Black background. Scissors, red pencils and worksheet in various stages. Copy reads: DIY Valentine heart becomes its own mini envelope!Are your kids more the DIY type when it comes to handing out Valentine’s Day cards?  Children will enjoy transforming their cut and color mosaic heart into its own mini envelope.  Plus, it’s the perfect size to include a miniature treat.


From The Inspiring Children’s Book Finds Collection

Okay, so this one doesn’t qualify as a “printable” in this printable roundup but I had to make sure it made the list.  Find this wonderful heart-themed book in The Inspiring Children’s Book Finds Collection.


See a Heart Share a Heart

See a Heart Share a Heart book coverThis book was love at first sight.  It quietly encourages us to embrace a little childlike wonder while we enjoy a kind of visual discrimination treasure hunt.  With hearts!  What fun!  Need to find a heartwarming Valentine’s Day gift for a sweet person in your life?  This is it!


From Inner Pieces Gallery at TPT

Find these holiday-themed activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Valentine’s Day Activity Fun Pack for Kids

Red background, white text, five sample worksheets in red and white.I love helping children build cognitive connections without them actually realizing they are building cognitive connections.


That’s what these skill-building activities disguised as fun pages can do.


From visual skills to working memory and more, help your child strengthen learning abilities all in the name of fun.  And if the kids ask for more, I’ve got you covered!


Twelve Months of Visual Memory Matching Games for Kids

Three illustrated memory matching games: hearts, insects, digraphs If you don’t need all 12 months of games, see the next item on the list below.  And remember, memory matching game cards don’t HAVE to be used only for memory matching games.


Write messages on the back and use them as lunchbox notes.


Cut them in half and let your child draw the other half.  This might sound like a fun art project but it also builds visual closure skills.


Instead of playing the traditional memory game, use 2-7 different cards in a row.  Show the row of cards for 2-7 seconds and see how many your child can remember.  This helps strengthen visual sequential memory skills.


Use the cards as part of a collage for a new theme every month.


The possibilities are unlimited.


Click the link above to find this item in my store or read the blog details here.


Visual Memory Matching Games THE HOLIDAYS

3x4 grid worksheet. Various colored hearts in every section: red, orange, green, purple, pink. White background.This is the shorter version of the memory games above.  It includes game cards for Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


At last, the bonus activities I mentioned earlier…


From Talented TPT Authors

Find these fun, educational activities for young learners at Teachers Pay Teachers:


Valentine Clue Game: The Case of the Mystery Card

Valentine Clue Game from Malissa's Teacher MallFrom Malissa’s Teachers Mall

Can your young detectives solve the mystery of the Missing Valentine Card?   Good listening skills required.  Logic, reasoning, and the process of elimination play an important role in this group game.  Perfect for an entire class or anywhere children gather!  Also available in a larger clue game bundle.


Everything Valentines Grade 3-4

From Can’t Stop Smiling

Everything Valentines Grade 3-4 from Can't Stop SmilingYou’ll find fun printables for your 3rd and 4th graders related to math and language arts, including grammar, addition, multiplication, writing prompts, poem writing and more.  A separate version for grade 1 and 2 is also available.


The Sweet, Sweet 3rd Grade Grammar Pack

From Kiki’s Classroom

The Sweet, Sweet 3rd Grade Grammar Pack from Kiki's ClassroomCupcakes, candies and treats offer such a sweet way for 3rd graders to practice their basic grammar skills.  Includes Silly Sentences, Name Those Nouns, Connect the Verbs, Uncle Bubba’s Bakery, and more.  Yum!  Also available in a larger Valentine’s Day bundle.


Valentine’s Day Music Coloring Pages

From Emily Conroy

Valentine's Day Music Coloring Pages from Emily ConroyThese aren’t just any Valentine’s Day-themed coloring pages.  Your elementary music students will enjoy coloring by note (remember color by number?) and musical math.  Don’t have a budding musician at home?  No problem.  These are fun for everyone.


That’s all for now.


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