Visual Memory Game Roundup for Kids

One way to help children become successful learners is to nurture their development of strong visual memory skills.  We need visual memory skills for basic tasks such as recognizing letters (differences between b, p, and d, for instance), reading, spelling, math and the list goes on.

Memory Matching Game - Patterns


Visual memory skills also set the foundation for visualization.  Children who are able to visualize images in their minds are more prepared for the advanced skill of reading comprehension.


Our capacity to remember visual stimuli does develop naturally, of course.  After all, babies can distinguish the difference between the faces of their family members.


Nonetheless, nurturing this essential skill is a simple and effective way to build confidence in a child’s ability to learn.  Please enjoy a quick roundup of fun visual memory games below.


Visual Memory Tray Game

from Sarah at Stay at Home Educator

Sentence Memory with Chopsticks

from Tonya at Therapy Fun Zone

Matching Socks Game

from OT Plan

Travel Games: Remember And Draw



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