Visual Tracking Activities for Kids – A Fun Brain Boosting Roundup

Visual tracking activities for kids are some of my most popular downloads in The Free Printables Collection.


In the past I’ve compiled a number of roundup posts that gather specific skill-building activities all in one place. Skills like auditory memory, visual memory, and spatial awareness, for instance. I thought now might be a good time to roundup some fun visual tracking activities as well.


This list of fun free printables for kids to help improve visual tracking skills can go a long way to improve children's ease of reading.


You can read more about visual tracking in How to Help Children Strengthen Visual Tracking Skills, and Why.


Or, take a look at just a few signs your child may struggle with visual tracking:

  • skipping words or lines while reading
  • reading words out of order, even inserting random words from lines above or below
  • reversing letters and/or words, for example, saw = was or ten = net


Even if your child doesn’t show any signs of struggle, it never hurts to have some fun AND strengthen important learning skills at the same time.


Find These Visual Tracking Activities in The Free Printables Collection


Grid Maze: Track and Color the PencilsSolving this pencil themed grid maze requires more concentration than you might think. Help children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, and visual figure ground skills with this free printable.

These first 3 are more advanced versions of some of the others.



Need to help kids build concentrations skills? Solving this ladybug themed grid maze requires a fair amount of attention and focus. This free printable also helps children improve visual tracking, visual discrimination, and visual figure ground skills, all essential on the road to becoming strong readers.Grid Maze: Track and Color the Ladybugs





In honor of Earth Day, kids can enjoy this leaf themed printable activity any time of year. It’s no ordinary grid maze, though. Children will love the more advanced twist. Parents and educators will love that it strengthens visual discrimination, visual tracking and more.Grid Maze: Track and Color the Leaves





Hearts Grid MazeKids crack the code to reveal a secret Valentine’s Day message as they make their way through this printable grid maze. Shhh! You’re secretly helping them build visual discrimination skills, visual figure ground skills and even more learning skills in the process. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.

Includes Secret Message.

Great for Valentine’s Day.


St. Patrick's Day visual tracking printableTrack the Four Leaf Clovers

Includes Crack the Secret Code.

Great for St. Patrick’s Day.

Independence Day Visual Tracking PrintableTrack the Red Stars

Includes Crack the Secret Code.

Great for Independence Day.

Spider Picture MazeSpooky Spider Picture Maze

Great for Halloween.


Snowman Grid MazeSnowman Grid Maze

Great for any winter holiday.


Christmas Gifts Grid MazeChristmas Gifts Grid Maze



Visual Tracking Printable for Kids: Track the Smiley FacesTrack the Smiley Faces

Includes Crack the Secret Code.



Find These Visual Tracking Activities in My Store

Building Visual Tracking Skills, The Book

Find five different visual tracking skill builders for kids in Building Visual Tracking Skills, The Book.

Or check out each activity separately:

Line Tracking
Grid Mazes
Image Tracking
Letter Tracking


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