When Is A Box Not A Box?

Not A BoxChildren’s book Not A Box is minimalist storytelling at its finest.  In just a few simple words author Antoinette Portis celebrates the magnificent power of imagination.


The Story

The book begins with a simple question.  “Why are you sitting in a box?”  The simple answer comes from the only live character we see in this book, a young, imaginative rabbit.  “It’s not a box.”


Questions about the box continue, and the answer is always the same.


“It’s not a box.”


Minimalist illustrations reveal exactly what the box really is.  It’s a racecar, a robot, a mountain top.  It’s anything that a child’s creative mind can imagine it to be.


Clearly, it is NOT a box.


What I Love About This Children’s Book

What parent hasn’t witnessed their child become more enthusiastic about a giant box than the actual contents inside?  What child hasn’t been delighted by a discarded cardboard box big enough to crawl into?  Parents and children will both easily relate to this story.


The text is simple and repetative, which makes it perfect for early readers.


Most of all I love how Not A Box celebrates the simple things in life.  It reminds us that our own unbridled imaginations can take us anywhere we want to go.


Consider this book and its complement, Not A Stick, to be a special treat for any creative spirit.  It may even inspire you to go find a Not-A-Box of your own.