Where Art Meets Cognitive Strength Training for Kids

As parents and educators, your time is precious. Finding educational materials that strengthen more than one learning skill at a time can feel a little like hitting the efficiency jackpot. Throw in some art and fun and creative problem solving to the mix and now you may be feeling downright heroic!


Art-for-Brains, THE BOOK merges art with cogntive skill-building fun for kids.  Great for educational therapy, homeschool, classroom, or even your next family road trip.Art-for-Brains

Introducing Art-for-Brains – THE BOOK, where cognitive enrichment tools simply feel like artful playtime. Grab some pencils, crayons, markers, and perhaps some scissors for the kids, and now you’ve got a whole lot of skill-building fun!


I designed the five activities in this printable e-book (125 pages in all) to target one specific learning skill each. Most of the activities naturally strengthen more than one skill at the same time. (Hero status: secure.)


Art-for-Brains – THE BOOK appeals and adapts to multiple ages. I’ve already written about each of the activities individually. If you’re the kind who believes that love is in the details, click any of the links below to learn more about each one.


The 5 Skill-Building Activities in Art for Brains, THE BOOK

  • Finish the Monster Drawing targets and strengthens visual closure skills. Visual closure skills allow students to recognize words as complete units rather than read each individual letter separately.


If you notice that your student struggles to learn sight words, mixes up words that have similar beginnings or endings, has trouble completing a thought or seeing the big picture, he may benefit from activities that strengthen his visual closure skills.



If you notice that your student has trouble following directions, struggles with phonics based instruction, or has difficulty recalling names, phone numbers, stories, songs, etc., she may benefit from activities that strengthen her auditory memory.


  • Dot Grid Pattern Play targets and strengthens visual figure ground skills. What on Earth are visual figure ground skills? They allow students to distinguish between foreground and background. This translates to less overwhelm with too many words on a page.


If you notice that your student often loses his place, either while reading or in written work, has difficulty finding important information in text, or is slow to find and copy information from the board, he may benefit from activities that strengthen his visual figure ground skills.


  • Word Play targets and strengthens visual discrimination skills. Visual discrimination skills help students recognize differences between similar words such as saw/was, when/then, etc. (See visual tracking skills as another potential reason for this word mix-up.)


If you notice that your student often confuses similar letters such as b, d, p, and q, often confuses similar words, and/or struggles with matching, sequencing, or spot the difference activities, she may benefit from activities that strengthen visual discrimination.


  • Visual Spatial Puzzle Play targets and strengthens spatial awareness. Spatial awareness helps students understand size, distance, volume, order, and time. It helps them distinguish between left vs. right, keeps them from bumping into people (personal space) and lets them know how far to reach across the table to grab that pencil, among other things.


If you notice that your student struggles to learn math concepts, writes letters too far apart, close together or slanted down the page, or struggles with physical directions and easily loses his way from A to B, he may benefit from activities that strengthen spatial awareness.


If you’re a fan of efficiency I’m guessing you also enjoy saving a few dollars when you can. Art-for-Brains – THE BOOK allows you to save 25% by purchasing all five activities above (regularly $4 each) together in one printable e-book.


Use these fun skill-builders in your educational therapy practice, your classroom, your homeschool, or take them with you on your next family road trip. Even students who don’t face any significant learning challenges will find the activities fun and engaging.


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